Top 10 Tourist Attractions In San Mateo

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San Mateo, CA is a renowned technology-as-well-as-financial hub of California. However, from tourism perspective too, this place is priceless. Want to know what are the top tourist spots in San Mateo? You can read about them here-

Downtown San Mateo

San Mateo Adult School

The downtown San Mateo is a thriving area to be. You will discover plenty of mom-and-pop stores, high-end designer boutiques, and pizzerias selling wood-fired pizza here. In the event that you are a tourist with no specific destination in mind, then hanging in the downtown would give you the maximum delight. Downtown San Mateo has some famous watering holes too.

Sawyer Camp Trail

Sawyer Camp Trail

Unleash the hiker inside you with Sawyer Camp Trail. The six-mile-long stretch connects two dots- Crystal Springs Reservoir and St Andreas Lake. Morning is the best time, as you shall get to see nature with its untainted form. Likewise, you may spot plenty of small animals like squirrels and rabbits during the hike. Sawyer Camp Trail also fits the bill for cycling or biking.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden – San Mateo

The Japanese Garden has always been one of the underrated venues in San Mateo County. It’s only recently that it is drawing in swarms of tourists. Do you have an eye for Japanese pagodas and lanterns? Then head towards Japanese Garden. You will find a beautiful pagoda, a tree decorated with lanterns and much more there. The best parts of Japanese Garden must be- various ponds and the gazebo standing tall amidst them. The serenity of the park shall reinvigorate you. In any case, do remember that it’s prohibited to bring any foods and drinks inside. Lastly, it’s the bonsai, the bridges, and the line of trees – that will surely blow your mind here.

Seal Point Park

San Mateo Creek Bridge

Every mountainous terrain has its own special point to capture the best view of sunrise. For San Mateo, it is the Seal Point Park. The uncrowded beach will give you ample place to roam free and have the time of your life. You may take a stroll, jog or cycle around beach line without slamming with another human being. The beach offers parasailing facility for the adventurers.

Hillsdale Shopping Center

Hillside Shopping Center

For shopaholics, Hillsdale Shopping Center is a must-visit place in San Mateo. Even if you don’t love shopping, going from store to store, browsing latest designs would be so much fun. Some of the biggest names in US fashion, such as- Nordstrom, H&M, Trader Joey’s are there in Hillsdale Shopping Center. For the foodies- cheesecake factory, California Pizza kitchen are biggest attractions in this shopping mall.

On the off chance that you drool over baked goodies, Hillsdale may turn to be the paradise. If you are bringing your restless kid here, then the massive Lego store is enough to keep him/her engaged for a long period of time.

Pulgas Water Temple

The Pulgas Water Temple

To honor the completion of Hetch Hetchy reservoir and sluice project, Pulgas Water Temple was erected in 1934. Do you have keen eyes in studying architectural wonders? Then this Greco-Roman style temple would be of much interest to you. The thick line of cypress trees, mountains in the backdrop, the crystal clear pond adjacent to the temple make the area a picturesque setting.

No wonder that this place is a popular marriage spot for locals. Pulgas Water Temple is open 5 days a week and there is no entry fee. Lying close to highway I-280, it’s a good drive if you are coming from San Jose.

Curi Odyssey

CuriOdyssey (San Mateo, CA)

Formerly named as Coyote Point Recreation Center, CuriOdyssey is a museum-cum-zoo, which focuses on blending science and entertainment. This is a must visit the center with children. Does your kid love baby otters? Then go to CuriOdyssey before 12 A.M. and watch how the otters get to be fed by the zoo staff.

The museum is in indoor and it has plenty of interactive facilities for the little brats, though age doesn’t matter. Even if you are a grown-up, you may hop on the kiddie bandwagon and take an active part in the fun science-based games.

San Mateo County Fair

Carnival at San Mateo County Fair

If you are around San Mateo in the month of June, then do visit the San Mateo County Fair. This festival is one of the biggest crowd-pulling events in CA. From participating in an adrenaline rushing rock concert to witnessing the unique pig race- you will be spoilt for choices here. Do you love pigging out on delicious cuisines? Then you shall be happy to know that the fairground hosts food trucks that sell everything under the sun- from sushi to burgers.

For a head-spinning ride, go to Gravitron and have a blast. Also, the livestock, as well as butterfly displays, would be educative moments for kids.

Laurelwood Park

Laurelwood Park

In the event you are dying to have some physically challenging trails around CA, then arrive straight to Laurelwood Park. The steep path that leads to Sugarloaf Mountain shall definitely mesmerize you- by its sheer beauty and sweat-dripping hike. For children, the park has adjacent playground and benches. But do keep note that the trails of Laurelwood Park are confusing. Without any proper marking, you may get lost. Take a map along with you and give it a shot.

Junipero Serra Statue

Father Junipero Serra Statue

Priest Junipero Serra is considered to be the founding father of California. If you want to pay a visit to his monument before making a voyage through the San Mateo city, then take a pause here. The massive Junipero Serra statue is the fine example of modern art. Situated beside 280 freeway, it is accessible by the cars easily. The Bay Area has only a few monuments to celebrate in the vicinity, so that makes the monument of father Junipero Serra all the more fascinating.

For the locals, this is a great point to take photogenic selfies. The area encompassing the statue is a scenic place to take a walk or sit back and relax.

San Mateo, CA promises you to show a number unpretentious tourist spots. If you don’t like big-city hullabaloo or not a fan of gimmicks, then this could be the best place to explore in California.

Top 10 Sports & Leisure Activities You Can Do In San Mateo

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The bustling suburb called San Mateo is renowned for its tourist attractions. But apart from ticking off the traveling goals, you should unwind and indulge in some hands-on activities too, while in here. The following 10 points will show you the must-do actions in San Mateo.

Hiking & Biking

Crystal Springs Regional Trail

The number one activity has to be hiking. From Sawyer trail to Laurelwood Park- you will have plenty of trailing options. Once done with trailing, biking is another hot movement in San Mateo. The Canada Road Sunday biking is a good spot to bike around an auto-free zone. Also, Redwood Shores are the famous venue for cycling.

Water Sports

Boardsports California

Marina Lagoon is the best place to indulge yourself into some water-related sports in San Mateo. Do you love kayaking or water skiing? Marina Lagoon has a team of expert instructors as well as patrol staff to ensure your safety. Likewise, if you love swimming, then King Pool and Aqua Sports Swim Academy are some of the best places that will let you take the plunge.

For children-friendly beaches, the nearby Foster City sand shores are the spots to be. They are shaded, cleanest and have life-supports at stone’s throw.

Walking In San Mateo Jr College

College of San Mateo

San Mateo Jr College is the most picturesque college campus you will ever see. It is awesome for jogging, walking or watching the college football team practicing in the field. Do you know this college has produced some of the most noteworthy football players in the USA?

San Mateo Jr College ground organizes a farmer’s market on every Sunday. For organic fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, and other goodies- you may visit the flea market, bargain hard and then shop in loads. In case you are in the city during June- don’t forget to miss the yearly electrifying free Jazz festival the junior college conducts.

Playing In The Great Entertainer

Great Entertainer in San Mateo

San Mateo has some great indoor entertainment facilities too, for those who are not into sweat dripping adventures. One such indoor entertainment spot is – The Great Entertainment. On the off chance you are hooked to pool, snooker, table tennis or any such indoor games, this should be your go-to destination.

This inexpensive pool den has around 20 pool tables, a couple of table tennis tables and a ping pong board. Additionally, you may have a cheap beer to keep you company in-between. The entry fee to this place is around $14 for two customers for an hour.


Hillsdale Shopping Center, San Mateo

Hillsdale Shopping Centre is the most prominent name in San Mateo shopping scenario. Apart from the regular brands, the shopping mall boasts of a great bookstore as well as a Lego store inside. So if you come here along with your kid, he/she will find discover enough distractions to let you shop in peace.
For burger lovers, Bridgepoint shopping center has some reputed eateries selling burgers to devour upon. Also, those who are keen on purchasing reasonable knick-knacks, this has to be the go-to venue.

Gorging On Foods

Amici’s Pizza in San Mateo

The Downtown area of the city has some of the best pizzerias in CA area. For the lovers of wood-fried, hand-tossed pizza, this has to be great news. Also, Italian cuisines are great hits in San Mateo. Among baked goodies, don’t forget to have a bite of the delicacy called – bear claws. If you are adamant on tasting some fares from good old days, then El Camino Real is your bet.

This vintage avenue houses some of the oldest kitchens and cocktail bars of San Mateo. 25th Street is the hidden alley that flaunts few finest-yet-modest Japanese and Mexican restaurants.

Hanging In Downtown

Beautiful Downtown San Mateo

If you don’t have any particular place in mind and wish to take a stroll around the city, then Downtown San Mateo creates the perfect landing place. On one hand, you will find vintage bridal shops here. Then again, there are high-end fashion showrooms round the corner.

Taking photographs of otherworldly El Camino thoroughfare will fetch you hundreds of likes on Instagram. Moreover, tasting the original Mexican tacos in any Latino bistro may compel you to open a food-blog.

Join A Painting Class

Painting Class

On the off chance that you desired to paint since childhood- then Create, Mix & Mingle is the creative zone to look forward to. This painting class is conducted in a popular studio, which takes guests in and encourages them to paint. During the class, you will be served with some fine refreshments in the form of wine, champagne and snacks. Here, you will get a scope to mingle with other ammeter painters too.

If you are intending to sell your paintings online, then your seasoned art instructor of Create, Mix, and Mingle will teach you -how to do social media marketing for your creations. Just remember a 2-hour session costs approx. $55. This venue remains open 6 days a week except for Monday.

Visit Maker Faire

Maker Faire

This part-science part-entertainment festival is a much-anticipated annual event in San Mateo. If you love DIY projects and connecting with creative folks, then this is the place for them. There will be sculpture classes, 3-D printing shows, and drone contests for kids, ice-cream parlors and much more.

If you are lucky, then you might stumble upon your favorite television personality or author here. Maker Faire is frequented by celebs quite often.

Joining Wine Walk

San Mateo Wine Walk

If you swear by your bubbly, then San Mateo wine walk is for you. For the last few years, San Mateo wine walk is taking place in every second week of September. Only the handpicked wineries from Downtown San Mateo participate in this festival every year.

As a guest, get ready to taste generous pours of Chardonnay, Shiraz, and white wine. Yummy snacks like – Oreo cookies, chocolate dripped strawberry, cheese cubes and crackers shall be there to go well with your drink. The wine walk costs $40 per person.

There are so many things to do in San Mateo, that it’s anything but difficult to feel boggled down at first. The best way would be- to do your homework beforehand, go through some reviews from fellow travelers, and after that- chalk out your itinerary.

Biggest Companies of San Mateo, California

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Apart from the vacation spots, San Mateo is celebrated for its innovative business hubs. It hosts some of the most prestigious tech and non-tech companies in the world. Also, the start-up scenario of San Mateo is totally slaying it.

Want to know which are the largest conglomerates here? You may learn about them below-

Solar City

Solar City

Solar City is the pioneer in providing clean energy solutions to its customers. Founded in 2006, Solar City has installed 8 million solar panels so far. In its client portfolio, there are private homeowners, schools, non-profits and government organizations. The effective association with reputed brands also helped in leveraging the image of Solar City.

Some of its partners are – AirBnb, Honda and Wal-Mart. With 10+K employee base- Solar City is considered to be one of the biggest businesses in San Mateo. The cutting-edge engineering, simple UI and top-notch customer service are some of the USPs of Solar City.



This cloud-based streamlining company is a pro when it comes to providing ERP based services to its clients. NetSuite trims down the extra flab a company has to bear- in terms of managing a database. With its cloud-based ERP software arrangement, NetSuite is able to integrate various departments like CRM, SaaS, iOS, and cloud-computing under one umbrella.

With its approx. 5K employees and a round-the-globe presence, this is one of the distinguished names in the San Mateo corporate scenario.

Franklin Templeton Investor

Franklin Templeton Investments

The global asset management giant Franklin Templeton Investor has a proud presence in San Mateo with 900+ employees. Franklin Templeton has a diversified product portfolio consisting of open-ended as well as close-ended mutual funds. Aside from that, the firm is a trustworthy accomplice in advising individual speculators and corporates in investment and financial projects.

With offices in as many as 35 nations and having more than 150 clients, Franklin Templeton is a maverick in acquisition & merger.


GoPro Office – San Mateo, CA Headquarter

‘Think it. See it. Do It.’- the mission statement of GoPro has been merged completely with- what it encourages the clients to do. With high-definition cameras and other cutting-edge wearable devices, GoPro pushes the users to capture any moment or activity they like. Are you a professional athlete wanting to record your practice session for future reference? Or a videographer aiming to create and share documentary in social media platform? Then GoPro can be your one-stop arrangement in doing so.

Utilizing its ambitious expansion plan, GoPro is presently accessible in more than 100 countries worldwide. Whether you would like to share your content in virtual reality or Facebook, it doesn’t matter. With dabbling in 3D technology, videography, photography, and drone system- GoPro is omnipresent to assist you in accomplishing your objective.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony PlayStation, San Mateo, California

Video game developer Sony Interactive Entertainment is one of the biggest companies in San Mateo, California. Having around 1,300-employee base, Sony Interactive Entertainment is one of the largest employers in this suburb. SIE is the branch under the bigger Sony brand, which has contributed a significant role in making PlayStation supremely addictive universally.

Apart from its PlayStation line-up, SIE is likewise famous for producing high-tech accessories for the game addicts. The PlayStation 4 – the recent offering from the stable of SIE, has taken the world by the storm in 2013. With such a variety of things going on its favor, the iconic office of SIE in San Mateo is a go-to destination, for any new explorer with business acumen.


Marketo Inc | San Mateo, CA

Digital marketing is one of the hottest industries in the world. With Marketo’s Internet marketing software solutions, not only large corporation but also small-to-medium companies are reaping benefits. From locating target audience to retaining them through engagement tactics, from measuring the ROI to making the advertising efforts more innovative- Marketo is the one-stop provider internationally.

Some of the cutting-edge products of Marketo, that has swept the digital industry off its feet are- Marketo Lead Management, Sales Analytics and social marketing. With close to 1000 employees at its San Mateo base, Marketo is a significant employment provider for young grads in CA.

San Mateo County Community College District


Apart from the private bodies, the government organizations provide the biggest business to the city- in terms of financial return as well as an employment opportunity. The San Mateo County Community College District is one such government organization that employs more than 1,000 (combined teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and researchers) currently.

This respected body consists of Skyline College, Canada College, and California: College of San Mateo. Like any other business endeavor, San Mateo County Community presents some popular services online. They are – personal grades, student supplies, scores, certificates, and virtual courses to name a few.

San Mateo Union High School District

San Mateo Union High School Performing Arts Center

With more than 900 staff under its payroll, San Mateo Union High School District is recognized as one of the top corporations in this area in 2016. The sprawling school district consists of one institution for the education of adults, 7 public institutes and one school for alternative education.

Among the schools that San Mateo Union High School District runs, the adult academic institution stands out for its skill-based training. On the other hand, the students, who have ‘special needs’, attend the alternative school. They are selected under the supervision of Board of Trustees.

County of San Mateo Medical Center

San Mateo Medical Center

With more than 1000 staff (medical and non-medico combined) County of San Mateo Medical Center has secured a place for itself among top businesses here. With specialized services that cater to adults, pediatrics and seniors alike, SMCC is the name to reckon with in San Mateo health care.

The medical and surgery specialty services are the main draws in SMCC. Also, additional supports such as interpretation, palliative service, and domestic violence treatment have added feathers in its cap.

San Mateo is one of the hottest suburbs in CA, where ideas fly, dreams mold themselves and businesses take off. If you have a fantasy to launch your own venture sometime, then soaking yourself into this electric atmosphere shall fire you up. Apart from its dashing natural beauty, San Mateo is the place where ‘things happen’.