San Mateo Foodventure

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There are many things to discover around San Mateo when it comes to food. With no less than 350 food establishments, there is no doubt this city is known to be the “best small town for food”. From European, Asian, Mediterranean to the Classic American and Dynamic Fusion of cuisines, there’s something you would really find invigorating. Begin your culinary adventure and satisfy food cravings with delicious food San Mateo has to offer.

From the number of restaurants around San Mateo, let’s discover world-class cuisines you would probably love to try from breakfast, brunch, lunch to dinner.

Asian Fusion Cuisine

Asian Inspired Menu at Eden Silk Road Cuisine

There are many restaurants in San Mateo Serving Asian cuisines. Looking for Pan-Asian dishes? Eden Silk Road Cuisine offers them. If you like lamb, you should not miss this restaurant. This restaurant is a perfect treat for Uyghur dishes, a Chinese-inspired dish with signature ingredients.

At Social Fusion Kitchen in East 3rd Avenue, you can find mouthwatering nachos and Korean street tacos. They serve Sushi Burritos, Salads and Desserts that will surely fill up your day. They have excellent sandwiches too.

Looking for an organic, tasty and healthy fusion flavors? At poke Island, you may try their signature Poké, a raw salad found in Hawaiian dishes. The modern and classy ambiance of the place is great! Their high-quality poke is something worth to try.

If you are a Filipino national living in San Mateo, you have gone at Attic restaurant for sure. The classic Filipino, Asian Fusion Cocktail Bar offers the most exciting Asian flavors. They serve known Filipino foods along with Adobo Lollipop, Crispy Pork Bagoong, Fried Rice and many others.

American Cuisine

Classic American Food at Three Restaurant and Bar

American cuisines evolved a rich diversity when it comes to food preparation. In San Mateo, you will find diverse American Cuisine that will truly delight your meal.

The Three Restaurant is one good example. If you’re out for some brunch (Chicken Waffle Sandwich, pancakes and/or Burger), this is the perfect place to be. They are open for breakfast with the wide option of menu. They too have craft beers and cocktails featuring quality brands. But you got to be sure to reserve a seat if you plan to dine later than expected.

Looking for a late night buddy? Vault 164 is the best place to be. This contemporary American cuisine is open until 10:30 pm on Fri & Sat but an hour or two earlier during the rest of the days. They offer a vast range of fresh pasta, roasted chicken, salad and steak. If you plan to meet with friends, their bar feature different classic and new cocktails.

Jack’s Prime in El Camino Real is your home for classic favorite flamed burgers and shakes. They even use organic ingredients and made their own organic ketchup! The burger of the month is what usually people in San Mateo come up to. The place will make you have a good time.

European Cuisine

Italian Flavored Pizza

Longing for the traditional western cuisine? Find them at some of the best restaurants in San Mateo offering European classic dishes.

Pizza, a common European fast food has been made popular all throughout the world. There’s no way to miss them in the town of San Mateo. Drop in at the Rainbow Pizza in De Anza Blvd to experience the best quality pizza in town. Their pizza is made with local ingredients and best meats that continually satisfies the customers.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Classic Mediterranean Food at Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen Restaurant

Craving for Mediterranean food? Drop by and dine at Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen Restaurant. They serve authentic, fresh Lebanese and Turkish dishes flavored with fragrant herbs and spices. They make several versions of hummus for an inspiring dining experience.

Another restaurant serving delicious classic Mediterranean dishes is Tannourine Restaurant. They have live entertainment to make your dining experience unforgettable. Their menu varies from vegetarian dishes to house dishes; from soups and salads to cold and hot mezza; from grilled, pan & oven entries to beverages.


Get the most out of your dining experience in San Mateo. This small town has many tantalizing places for foodies more than you expect.