San Mateo Hiking Trails

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If you want a more iconic camping activity, then San Mateo has multiple trails to surprise you. Get ready to take a memorable experience through San Mateo County’s unbeatable views of nature as you take a long walk with the lovely atmosphere of the forest.

Below is a collection of the most alluring hiking trails for your next adventure:

Shoreline Parks: Seal Point Park & Ryder Park

Shoreline Parks comprises the two lovely and unique parks, the Seal Point Park and the Ryder Park. It is abundant of open space making it an ideal place for recreational activities and picnics. What makes tourists visit these wealthy parks are the picturesque views of nature and its pleasant atmosphere.

If you wish to have an early morning workout, the Seal Point Park is your go to place. The trails can take you to the heart of the city or to the hidden Shoreline corners. Or else, take the trail of stairs which lead down to the water.

Surely you will never get disappointed with the beautiful views as you walk through the hillside. Once reached to the hilltop, you’ll get to see planes landing towards the SFO Airport and of course the beautiful sunrise/sunset and the bay area as well.

Dogs are allowed at the park. In fact, they offer two dog runs. The area is quiet busy during Sunday mornings.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Adjacent to Laurelwood Park, a 225 acres open space park has become home to the wildlife. Aside from the glorious trees, another exciting view also is the animals in the wild. Its grassy hills and nature trails make it an ideal place for hiking and bicycling. However, the mountain is slippery when it rains.

Sawyer Camp Trail

A 10-km trail in San Andreas Fault. Sawyer Camp Trail is located in between Crystal Springs Rd., San Mateo, and Hillcrest Blvd., Millbrae along Crystal Springs Reservoir. It’s the most popular trail in San Mateo commonly visited for hiking, biking, jogging, and Strolling. Dogs are not allowed in the area and get busier on weekends.

Take a trek following the edge of the stunning Crystal Springs through the woods. Whenever you get tired and have to relax, there are available benches along the way for a stop.

Coyote Point Park

The park has a number of pathways connecting various parks, ideal for a quick walk or an occasional stroll. These continuous pathways have lots of places to stop for relaxation. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the park.

This is a perfect getaway during a hot season because the place is quite breezy. Paths in the area are paved and away from streets. Therefore safe for children.