The San Mateo CuriOdyssey

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Dreaming of a wildlife experience? Come and visit CuriOdyssey. This zoo and museum in Coyote Point Park let you watch and study wildlife species. The place is ideal for kids for wildlife science exploration.

The best thing about the CuriOdyssey is that children are given a chance to engage and interact with nature through various activities. While your kids get busy with experiments, they too have time to play at the same time.

Why is science helpful to kids? Science involves communication, helping kids develop their patience and determination. Thus, giving them a better understanding of the world and everything around.

Let’s learn together the things inside the museum!

Wildlife Captivity

CuriOdyssey houses more than 100 animals that could not be returned to the wild. Most of them are native. They have species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, invertebrates and birds. These captive animals are used in school programs and public activities too.

Animals have their own lifespan. Some animals in the wild can live for few years but with the captivity, they survive for more than their span. In CuriOdyssey, the Bearded Dragon for example. In the wild, this reptile can live up to 10 years but it has been reported that in captivity, the Bearded Dragon lives up to 15-20 years.

Programs and Activities

There are lots of wildlife activities that await your kids at CuriOdyssey:

  • Science Classes

You can register your kids for science classes on Fridays and make your preschooler’s a natural scientist. The class is open for children 3-4 years old.

The goal of this activity is to enhance children’s instinct of observing, discovering and understanding science.

During classes, children play slime and encounter different animals in the zoo using all 5 senses. Museum educators are making sure each child is given an exciting experience in this activity. However, participating kids must be able to use the bathroom independently.

  • Wildlife Show

You can watch up close the Otter & Bobcat and know stories of the animals during feeding days. You may also witness their animal keepers as they do enrichment activities and training sessions with the animals. Or else, joining the animal walk.

  • Saturday Science.Technology.Engineering.Art.Math Camps

This activity is open for 1st-3rd-grade kids who wants to engage in fun-filled educational activities during weekends. The program has 3 sessions with each topic platform.

  • Summer Camps

If your child loves outdoor learning activities to explore and investigate, summer camps best suit for him. This activity helps him develop critical thinking skills.

Camp themes are specified by age group where they can attend distinctive themes every year.

They also offer camping activities to campers with special needs in communication with their parents.

  • Weekend Workshops

There is also a 2-hour workshop on a Saturday. The workshop includes studies of everyday phenomena. An exciting activity to adapt the changing world. The workshop is open for youth age 10-11 years old.

Admission Fees


Members: $289/session

Non-members: $349/session


Members: 249/session

Non-members: 299/session


Members: $55/workshop

Non-members: $70/workshop

Some events at CuriOdyssey are admission free for members. For Cinema nights, tickets are available to purchase.