Here at San Mateo Coast, we know what it is like to show up in a foreign country or state looking for surf, only to be completely overwhelmed. There are so many factors when it comes to finding waves, that it can sometimes seem impossible to find surf spots, not to mention when there are waves! After having traveled all over the globe in search for waves, one thing always remains the same, there are too many factors in surfing to go to a new place and score waves without any direction or guidance. Therefore, this site is created to give you the local knowledge necessary to get you surfing more and confused less!

California is comprised of many different regions, each with its own unique climate and seasons for different types of surf. With such a diverse coastline, some of the areas are better during summer months and others during winter. In order to score perfect waves, we will tell you what to expect, when to expect it, and directions on how to get there. The possibilities of surf are just as diverse as they are endless in California.

This website is dedicated to those in search of waves in California. Whether you are looking to grab a couple of waves on a family vacation or visiting on a hardcore surf trip, we have got you covered! Our site gives detailed guides to various regions throughout California, as well as more in-depth looks at various beach towns and surf destinations. We hope to see you in the water!